Dealer-Owned Rental Forklifts

Max Lift, Inc offers dealer-owned rental forklifts in Oklahoma City.  Our Modern Fleet of forklifts gives you the opportunity to rent our equipment when you need it, with​ a high degree of flexibility.  Max Lift, Inc’s factory trained technicians maintain our fleet ensuring access to the most dependable rental equipment available. ​We can meet your needs for short-term or specialized long-term rental rates.

Our forklifts are available to rent by the day,  week,  month, or longer.  We can offer rental lift trucks in electric, LPG, or diesel, and supply the right chassis for your inside or outside applications.

Rental Forklifts

Our ​Rental Fleet

Cushion Tire

​Cushion Tire

Pneumatic Tire Propane

​Pneumatic Tire Propane​

​Large Capacity Pneumatic

​Large Capacity Pneumatic

​​Electric 4 Wheel Sitdown

3 Wheel Electric

​3 Wheel Electric

FH Series Diesel Pneumatic

​​FH Series Diesel Pneumatic

​Narrow Aisle Electric Standup

​​Narrow Aisle Electric Standup



Genie Scissor Lift

​Genie Scissor Lift

​Vertical Mast Lift

​​Vertical Mast Lift

​Genie Telehandler

​​Genie Telehandler

​Aluminum Dock Board

​​Aluminum Dock Board

​Portable Steel Yard Ramp

​​Portable Steel Yard Ramp​

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